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Why Donate?

Many women dream of having their own family but there are a large number of women who need the help of an egg donor to make this possible. It is often devastating to be told that you can’t have a baby from your own eggs and these women then face a long journey to become a parent as there is a shortage of egg donors in the UK. Becoming a donor can be a very rewarding experience and it is one of the most generous gifts you can give. The reasons someone becomes an egg donor are varied but one thing they all share is the desire to help others achieve their dream of a family.

To be an egg donor you have to be;

  • Aged 18-35 and under
  • In good health
  • Have a BMI between 18-30
  • Have no family history of hereditary illnesses or diseases
  • A non-smoker

If you need IVF treatment yourself and meet the criteria to become a donor you can be compensated with a reduced IVF treatment package price.

If you are eligible you could do something amazing and make a real difference to someone’s life.

Who needs donor eggs?

There are many people who need the help of an egg donor, these include;

  • Women who have gone through premature menopause – This affects 1-2% of women under 40.
  • Women whose ovaries have been damaged by chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer treatment.
  • Women who have been born with non-functioning ovaries (eg: Turners Syndrome)
  • Those who have a high risk of passing on a genetic disorder to their children by using their own eggs.
  • Women whose ovaries are resistant to stimulation by the pituitary gland.
  • Women who have poor quality eggs, resulting in many unsuccessful IVF attempts.
  • Those whose ovaries are poorly functioning due to their age.

Whatever your motivation behind becoming a donor, whether it’s seeing first hand the pain infertility can bring, a desire to pass on your genes, or just wanting to do something special, please contact us to take the next steps.

Donors change lives. Many find becoming a donor a very rewarding experience and for many people their families wouldn’t be possible without the gift of egg donation. Here some donors and people they have helped share their stories.