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Egg Donation Was Our Only Chance After Premature Menopause

Egg Donation Was Our Only Chance After Premature Menopause

Sarah and Lee Harrison have two sons, Simon (four), and Thomas (two), conceived at Bourn Hall. Sarah was diagnosed with a premature menopause and had no viable eggs, but Bourn Hall Clinic enabled the Harrisons to conceive their two children through egg donation.

We are truly blessed,” said Sarah.“Words cannot express any amount of gratitude and thanks to the lady who donated those eggs to me.“What she has given me is indescribable.

Simon and Thomas were conceived before legislation changed requiring children born as a result of egg donation to be able to discover at the age of 18 who their genetic mother was.But Sarah has every intention of telling her sons how they were conceived.

Simon already knows how he was conceived, within his level,” she said.

But Sarah truly feels that that Simon and Thomas are her children.“They have been inside me,” she said. “I have fed them and grown them and I gave birth to them“.

Sarah wants to tell her story to help others.“So many people are ending up in the situation I’m in,” she said.“I think it’s because people are leaving it later and later to have children.“None of us is perfect – we all have flaws.“I want people to know they can get help.“I really hope my story can help.

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