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What's Involved in Being a Sperm Donor?

First Step

If you’re interested in donating sperm the first step is to get in touch and you will be sent our health questionnaire to complete.  You will then be able to arrange an appointment at one of our clinics to have a semen analysis. A period of abstinence of 3-5 days prior to the test is preferable to produce the best quality sample. Our production rooms are private and comfortable to help put you at ease.

Initial Sperm Donor Screening

If your semen analysis shows you are suitable to donate you will then be invited to attend a consultation with one of our specialist doctors. They will discuss your and your family’s medical history and perform a physical examination.  Blood and urine tests are also performed to check for various diseases and infections.


It is strongly encouraged that you meet with one of our independent counsellors to talk about becoming a donor prior to donating.  You are able to meet with them at any point during or after donations as well if you wish.

Donating Sperm

Once the screening tests are complete, you would then be able to make your donations. They are easy to book and it usually means about 10-15 visits to enable us to freeze between 80-100 ampoules of sperm. The frozen sperm is stored and only thawed when they are needed for treatment.  You can visit the clinics between 8am-3pm weekdays to donate. Some weekend appointments are available too if these times aren’t convenient.

Repeat Screenings

3 months after your last donation we will ask you to come to the clinic to repeat your screening tests and have another examination. This ensures you are still in great health and are still clear from infections. If all is ok with these tests your sperm can then be used in treatment and you will be compensated for your donations.

After Donating

Becoming a sperm donor and helping others to start their longed-for family can be a very rewarding experience. Afterwards you can contact us to find out if any children were born, their sex and year of birth.