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Why Donate?

There are many reasons why someone decides to become a donor, but one thing they all share is the desire to help others achieve their dream of a family.

Bourn Hall runs its own established sperm donor bank, however in recent years the number of donors coming forward has started to decline and there is now a national shortage of donor sperm. For some, treatment with donor sperm is their only hope of having a child which is why we need people like you to come forward.

If you are aged 18-45, in good health and do not have a family history of hereditary illnesses or diseases you could do something amazing and make a real difference to someone’s life.

Who needs donor sperm?

There are many people who need the help of a donor to start their family, these include:

  • Men with male fertility factors which causes them to have no or very poor sperm production
  • Men who have had a vasectomy or suffered an testicular injury or illness which has resulted in there being no sperm in their semen sample.
  • Men who are carriers of an inherited disease, which mean using his sperm would put the life of a resulting baby at risk.
  • Female same-sex couples
  • Single women

 If you need IVF yourself and meet the criteria to become a donor, you can be compensated with a reduced IVF treatment package price.

Whatever your motivation behind becoming a donor, whether it’s a desire to pass on your genes, seeing first hand the pain infertility can bring or just wanting to do something special, please contact us to take the next steps.

Donors change lives. Many find becoming a donor a very rewarding experience and for many people their families wouldn’t be possible without the help from sperm donors. Here some donors and people they have helped share their stories.