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Thank You to Egg Donor

‘Sally’, 39, had almost given up hope of being a mother; she had been married for 18 years, and spent 10 trying for a baby.

I had five cycles of IUI locally before starting IVF treatment at Bourn Hall, this was when the problem with my eggs was discovered. They recommended that I should go on the waiting list for an egg donor.

“I waited for two years and really didn’t expect that anyone would donate an egg. Then I got the wonderful news. I fell pregnant first time and I am now expecting a baby in mid April. It feels really good. I had almost given up hope of having a baby and I just couldn’t believe it at first. It is such an amazing feeling to be pregnant.

“I think our family and friends had given up on us, I have two brothers and a sister and they all had children ages ago, so it is wonderful news for everyone.I am very grateful to the person that has made this possible.”

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